They Laughed When I Said I Could Make Anyone A Celebrity Within 12 months…
Until They Saw Themselves On TV.

From the Authors of “Celebrity Branding You™”

REVEALED: How You Can be seen on TV on FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC, seen in USA Today, Newsweek & The Wall Street Journal and Become A Celebrity in Your Business Niche

REVEALED: How You Can be seen on TV on FOX, NBC, CBS and ABC, seen in USA Today, Newsweek & The Wall Street Journal and
Become A Celebrity in Your Business Niche
So You Can Raise Your Prices, Lock Out Your Competition, Become one of America’s PremiereExperts™ and Live The Life You Always Wanted.

DISCOVER: how in just 12 months you can achieve a lifetime of credibility and a resume that you can carry with you forever.

ACHIEVE: what few people are ever able to accomplish, only because you made a decision to be the best and separate yourself from all of the pretenders by participating in the event of a lifetime crammed into a one-year Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience.

Join Nick Nanton, Esq., “The Celebrity Lawyer” and JW Dicks, Esq., authors of “Celebrity Branding You™”

JW Dicks and Nick Nanton, in their book, reveal one of the true business secrets that pratically all entrepreneurs miss…which is to brand yourself. At Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle ( we have been teaching for years that you want to run a celebrity driven business and what’s more important is to make yourself the celebrity!

Bill Glazer, President Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle ™

as they take you on a whirlwind journey across America to become one of

If You Are 1 of ONLY 20 Experts Selected to Participate, You Will:
  1. Fly to Hollywood, California to be Featured on America’s PremierExperts™ Television Show that will run on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX affiliate stations.  This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will reward you with your own clip of the show you appear on as the expert in your field. Additionally, you will receive a broadcast quality copy of your interview  that you can put on your web site and in all of your own promotions. Better yet, the show will run on the four major networks affiliates, NBC,ABC, CBS and FOX giving you a  resume of  national television appearances on the affiliates of these major networks. You will obtain instant credibility when you say “as seen on TV on CBS, ABC, NBC And Fox.” No one can ever take away those credits that you will achieve during this media experience and that most people never accomplish on their own in a lifetime.
  2. Fly to Orlando, FL, the training ground for Celebrities today.  This is where many of today’s biggest stars got their start.  Learn what it takes to become a Celebrity before you get whisked across the country.
  3. While in Orlando you will get your pictures taken by The RockStar Photographer®, Brook Pifer, Photographer to the stars including American Idols and Today’s GRAMMY® Winners and Platinum Selling Rock Stars.  You will not get better photos taken anywhere because Brook herself is an expert at making you look the way the celebrities do in magazines!  You will also be given the rights to use the photographs wherever and however you wish without EVER having to pay another fee again.  If you have ever had your pictures taken before by a big-time photographer you know how hard this is to negotiate to keep from  having to pay every time you use the photos. You will get full rights released to you. This is unheard of!
  4. While in Orlando, you will be interviewed by a national journalist for a feature inclusion regionally in USA Today. You and your fellow experts will be featured together on a full page spread under the banner of America’s PremierExperts™. Your photograph will be included along with your title, and your contact information. Once the spread appears, you will receive a special tear sheet for use on your web site and other print materials. Additionally, we have arranged the opportunity for you to have the article professionally framed, highlighting you, to display in your office for all visitors and future clients to see and be impressed by.
  5. Portions of your interview in Orlando, will be used for articles that we will place regionally in Newsweek magazine and the Wall St. Journal! How many of your competitors can say they’ve been in these national publications! (Just imagine the looks on their faces!) Better yet, you will forever be able to say “as quoted in the USA Today, The Wall St. Journal and Newsweek!” This credit alone will change your resume and elevate you to the elite status of national experts! These are all very difficult publications to appear and be quoted in which is why most people can’t ever arrange it! Now you will be able to thanks to your participation in The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™!
  6. Fly to New York City where we have arranged for you to be trained on how to become a radio or television host for profits! Let our experts teach you why hosting your own show online can be further build your credibility! We’ll then bring in one of the nation’s leading experts on Social Media, and we’ll teach you the secrets of building a following online through social media!
  7. During this unique, once-in-a-lifetime 12-month program you will also:
  8. Be featured as an author and editor in a book, that we guarantee will be a best-seller in a major outlet like or! You’ll forever be able to have the title “Best-Selling Author!” The book will be co-written with America’s PremierExperts™ from your group, and it will ultimately be released, with you in attendance, at a book launch party second to none, in the heart of New York City—in Times Square! This book will be available in bookstores nationwide and through the major online outlets. And the best part is you won’t even have to write it if you don’t want to! We have arranged for you to be interviewed by a professional, published author who will help you craft your own personal chapter of the book that will have your industry buzzing! You will be given 100 copies of the book to give out to clients and friends. Upon the release of the book we will issue a press release and send it out via the wire online. As an added bonus you will be granted the reprint rights for your chapter of the book to use as a Special Report to hand out to your clients, prospect and colleagues. We have found these reports to be extremely good lead generators in our own practice and will show you the many ways to use them in yours and on your web site.
  9. The public and your clients are fascinated by new ideas and trends and we will have you as a special guest on  “The Next Big Thing” Radio Show. The show will be a personal interview with you as the guest. After your appearance, you will be given a broadcast copy of the show with duplication rights that you can give to your clients and prospects so they too can see why you are the expert! We will also show you how to produce the show in a teleseminar for your invited guests and then how to package the program and show you how you can use it as a product that you can sell or as a premium to give away in a package of other products and services you provide. Your CD will be produced with the “Next Big Thing” logo and name you as the featured guest. We will also give you the opportunity to have The CD framed by our music industry insiders, the way Gold and Platinum albums are so that you can display it on your own office wall of fame!
  10. Professional press releases about you and your appearances will be written and syndicated covering every major event that takes place during the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™!
  11. You will be a featured expert on the Media Resource with a featured profile, video clips, a bio, resume and contact information.  This resource will be searched engine optimized to get press attention and make journalists come to you!
  12. You will be listed as a featured expert in the Media Resource Celebrity Expert Review™ with a photo, bio, resume and contact information. This resource will be printed and mailed out to more media contacts who are looking for Celebrity Experts to interview and feature on their radio and television shows!
  13. You will receive access to JW Dicks, Esq and Nick Nanton, Esq, your Celebrity Agents to help you stay on track and gain new ways to leverage the media created during the program and will help you tweak your positioning as a Celebrity Expert and answer specific questions you have with regard to taking advantage of your media and marketing. Clients pay a minimum of $1500/month just for access and you get it just by participating in this program.
  14. Receive “Things You Need to See” emails from JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton, Esq. your Celebrity Agents with the latest and greatest promotional tools and ideas that you can and should use! We spend an extraordinary amount of time combing through media of all types to help our clients find what’s working now and will now also show these to you!
  15. And that’s just the beginning! We’ve got even more surprises that we’ll be revealing along the way…and we haven’t even discussed some of the things we will be teaching you at each of the three experiences, including how to leverage your newfound celebrity status into Hollywood dollars!
Inc. 500 CEO Praises Dicks & Nanton for Role of Celebrity Branding in Growth of His Company

Jack and Nick have laid out a plan here that anyone can follow and get truly groundbreaking results. If you’re looking for a way to leverage the most unique asset you have, YOU, then you can’t aford not to attend the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience. From working with Jack and Nick, I’ve seen first-hand how these strategies are growing my business, and I know you will too.

Chris Hurn, President/CEO, Mercantile Commercial Capital™ – Named to the 2007 Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies

  • The Easiest Cutting-Edge Methods to Develop your own Products to Sell
  • How To Leverage What You Already Have for Greater Profits.
  • How To Price Your Products for the Highest Return
  • The 7 Building blocks for Business Wealth
  • Insider Trends for 2009 and How You Can take Advantage of them.

In just 12 months, you will achieve the type of resume credentials and press portfolio that most people only dream about and few ever achieve. In 12 months you will appear on the major television network affiliates above, the top print media, and have all of it recorded and documented for you to use forever.

Bottom-line, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience…plus a credibility builder only achieved by very few people. We will take you to the top of the press pinnacle and your life will be changed forever!

Because of the time constraints of film, radio and television, we can only work with 20 people for this unique opportunity. Will you be one of them?

This is your chance to do something that cannot be done on your own and we encourage you to seize the opportunity before your spot is taken!

Marketing & Promotions Company Praise Dicks & Nanton for More Business Growth in 3 Months Than They Ever Imagined!

Jack & Nick have brought about more expansion in our business in the past three months than we thought possible. They got us to see the big picture while explaining everything along the way. Jack and Nick took the time to understand our business goals and tailored their approach to us. We wouldn’t trust our company with anyone else!

Jon Ruhff & Yeosh Bendayan – Push Button Productions LLC

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you not to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.  Just ask yourself the one question, “Where else could you achieve these remarkable feats in less than a year and how much would it cost to even do one of them on your own?”

If you are interested in applying for 1 of the 20 exclusive spots for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, contact Nick Nanton today!

Nick Nanton, Esq.

**  Limited JV & Affiliate Opportunities Are Available! **

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot today and change your life forever

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