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“Helped me understand “Branding”

What’s cool about this book is that it helped to understand that you can “Brand” yourself however you want. You are in control of the image you send out there. By way of creating your online presence and how to create credibility indicators. I’m still going through it but, so far i’m very pleased!”

– Arel Moodie (New York)

“What a great read!

I have only read the first few chapters and can already tell you that this is a GREAT read! I was fortunate enough to meet Nick at a networking event last week. Anyone who runs their own business should have a copy and should read it. I mean, really read it. Looking forward to becoming my very own celebrity brand!”

– Bernice Allen (Orlando, FL)

“Support to grow a healthy business

Celebrity Branding You by Nick Nanton and JW Dicks explodes with information. The authors are lawyers by trade with over fifty years combined working experience.

I read this book in one day and was surprised how easy it was to read and more important it made sense. I understand why they started by saying “People buy People”; the concept applies to any business with products or services.

I liked how the chapters are laid out, it shows that the authors were thinking of the reader and made it easy to understand by starting at the beginning of the marketing process. Each chapter then takes you through the process step-by-step, with reliable resources they have used, and examples and case studies.

I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with their marketing plan (or lacks a plan). If you learn what Dicks & Nanton are teaching in this book, soon you will become a Branded expert and clients or customers will find you because you stand out.”

– Beverly Ewan (Bronx, New York)

Celebrity Branding You is a fabulous book. Not only is it an interesting read (I couldn’t put it down), but it makes so much sense. For myself, I know the only way to build my business as a Corporate Golf Professional and author of Your Inner Swing, is to get my name out there and “brand” myself in the corporate world. Because I’ve never had a plan for becoming the Guru in my business laid out so clearly in front of me, I’ve been floundering. You give precise methods and ways for someone like myself to get up and running like a pro. It’s brilliant!!


– Randy Friedman
Corporate Golf Professional
Author of Your Inner Swing

Don’t just read this book – IMPLEMENT it!

Many entrepreneurs instinctively understand the value of becoming a celebrity to their target market but have no idea how they can systematically achieve that goal.

“Celebrity Branding You” provides a game plan that business owners can follow to build their expert celebrity status.

If becoming a client attraction magnet is your goal as a business owner, then do more than read the book with highlighter in hand. IMPLEMENT and see what becoming a celebrity to your niche market can do for your business!”

– Felicia Caldwell Gopaul

“J.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton have touched on a topic that is often overlooked by most entrepreneurs. Celebrity Branding You provides you with a well-thought game plan on how you can become the celebrity expert in your niche.

First, the book provided an important reminder about the fact that “People Buy People.” Sometimes, we as business owners get wrapped up in the product or service that we’re marketing and lose sight of this fact.

Another section of the book that I found valuable was the idea of putting your story behind your brand. In other words, “Why Do You Do What You Do?” If the only answers that come up are “I am doing it for the money” or “Because this is what I’ve always done,” then you may need to rethink your whole motivation behind your particular business or find a business that has real meaning to you.

The authors then cover the ever-important topic regarding your website. They provided some excellent advice on branding your site and solidifying your celebrity status in your niche.

Finally, the authors provided the “Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast”
They provided some excellent strategies in this section.

All in all, I highly recommend that you not only get a copy of this book, but more importantly, take action on the ideas presented in it.

So what are you waiting for?


John Hinds, Orange, NJ

Great advice for becoming a celebrity in your niche!

Celebrity Branding You is a no nonsense to the point resource for finding and creating your own celebrity brand. It’s full of both on-line and off-line strategies to make this process as easy as possible.

I just had the pleasure of hearing Nick Nanton speak to a group of entrepreneurs in New Jersey and I can tell you that he really gets it. All budding entrepreneurs should read this book and get a jump start on their competition.

Mark J. Beck (Long Valley, NJ)

The Shortcut To Becoming A Rock Star In Your Niche!

We live in a celebrity crazy culture. Heck even the top 10 searches in Google are all about Paris and Britney. So it is fitting that JW Dicks and Nick Nanton have written an incredibly practical blueprint on how to make yourself famous and a celebrity brand in your industry and niche.

It is all here from finding your niche, building a profitable website with a complete marketing plan, creating your personal brand and expert status, finding and promoting your story in both online and offline worlds.

I am implementing these strategies in my own consulting business right now in Michigan and I am already seeing major changes in the way my new clients are attracted to my personal brand.

Your clients want a celebrity. You need to become one. Buy this book. You will know how to do it step by step.

Mark Ijlal
Michigan Foreclosure Report

“JW Dicks and Nick Nanton, in their book, reveal one of the true business secrets that pratically all entrepreneurs miss…which is to brand yourself. At Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (dankennedy.com) we have been teaching for years that you want to run a celebrity driven business and what’s more important is to make yourself the celebrity! In “CELEBRITY BRANDING YOU(tm)” they do a superb job of walking you through this invaluable process from A-Z. This is a must read for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Bill Glazer, President
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle ™