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The How-To on Branding YOU!

“This book is a blueprint on how to promote yourself, your brand and how to get more customers or clients from the get go. Informative, fun, easy to read, I love a book when I can feel the personality of the author(s). These guys have done a superb job and I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to create their own unique brand. Kudos gentlemen!!”

CookbookFreak, Seattle, WA

“Celebrity Branding You provides wanna-be celebrities a comprehensive, tactical blueprint for establishing their unique brand in a very competitive marketplace. Each chapter is replete with techniques and specific resources for moving the process to a successful conclusion. As a professional sales trainer, speaker and consultant for 26 years, I recommend this book to anyone who aims to fast-track their celebrity branding goals.”

Gordie Allen, Leads-Plus, Inc

Worth Its Weight in Pirates Gold

“The best and most comprehensive marketing book I have ever read. Applicable to any profession or industry. Detailed info on online marketing especially enlightening. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to outshine the competition and rise to the top in their field. A necessary read for those who want to not only survive but prosper in these tough economic times.”

Marianne Laudati, West Palm Beach, FL

“Your book is absolutely AMAZING, i read 75% on the first night and stayed up till 9am in the morning reading before forcing myself to sleep.”

– Zalon (Solo Recording Artist & Touring Member of Amy Winehouse’s Band)

“Celebrity Branding You lays down the exact blue print to get you above and beyond any competition. Times have changed and so has marketing and these guys nailed it!”

J. J. Ketterling

“…if you already understand that you don’t have to be Bono or Oprah to benefit from being a celebrity in your own world or industry or community.

And if you DO want to be a celebrity on the scale of Bono or Oprah…this book will help too.

It tells you what to do, and how to do it…and now it’s time for you to get out there and do it!”

Gregg Stebben
Isle of Palms, SC

“J.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton have created the definitive guide to becoming the ‘go to’ expert in your field in Celebrity Branding You. They’ve not only explained the logic behind branding yourself, but they provide you with a comprehensive blueprint that will allow you to become a celebrity.

If you own a business, aspire to own a business or just want to be positioned as an expert – Celebrity Branding You is a must read.”

William Rigsby “Pat Rigsby”

Jack and Nick, Your Book Is Terrific!

Jack and Nick,

Wow! I just finished reading your new book, Celebrity Branding YOU, and it’s simply great!

Your personalities, energy and ethics “jump off the page.”

The reader quickly learns celebrity branding isn’t an exercise in out-of-control egotism, but rather a practical and proven strategy for growth.

Tony and I are lucky to have found two legal and marketing mentors as terrific as you guys!

We’re determined to become your biggest Celebrity Branding Success Story ever… and help thousands of others along the way!

Thanks, from two raving fans!

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch
Clean Guru LLC


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