“Thanks for sending me the book, “Celebrity Branding You”. This is a wonderful book. This will help me with a road map for branding myself.”

Kazi Anam

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“I have found this book very helpful, very easy to read , clear to the point, without any fluff and unnecessary jargon to pad it out. The authors obviously know their subject. Anyone looking to groom themselves to make the best of themselves in whatever business they enter into would do very well to use this book as a resource.”

Dianne Black, Warragul, Australia

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This book Delivers

“Celebrity Branding You” offers actionable, practical advice on how to find your niche, your expertise — and then lists the step by step strategies for how to maximize marketing media exposure and “hits” so you quickly scale to Celebrity Status and arrive at the top of the Google search results.

With real life examples and web references throughout, this book offers value from start to finish. For a book supposedly written by two lawyers, there is no legalese…easy to read and understand. Couldn’t put it down. Read in 1 night to get the gist of the book, now I’ll go over it again more slowly and start highlighting websites to check out. Recommend to all who want to generate leads and drive results. Delivers on its title.

Iminay, Orlando, FL

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Perfect book in this uncertain economy

The team at Celebrity Branding have created a book that will remain in my books that I read yearly. The ideas they give for someone wanting to further themselves in their career are excellent. It is a whole package book, a blueprint for taking yourself from a nobody in your industry to the industry name.

Highly recommended.

Brett Burky, Orlando, FL

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Nick Nanton – A first class act

I was just at the National Speakers Association Convention and met Nick Nanton. He has a professional operation for sure but what most impressed me most was what happened after that day we met; He had listened closely to my business plan and history and when I got off my plane, home in San Francisco, I saw he had emailed me. He detailed a brilliantly thought out title series for my book series and keynote series. It was creative. It was perfect. I was impressed. Nick Nanton is a first class act and the real deal.

A. Massari

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Awesome info!

“This book is a very easy read and is the ultimate blueprint for creating a business that is successful and authentic based on you. Most people don’t realize the value on expressing their individuality when creating their business. Celebrity Branding You shows you all the steps you need to take to build a business brand based on the most valuable person in your business, YOU. After reading most business books out there I would highly recommend this book for its content and valuable resources.”

Sean Barker, Canada

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A no-nonsense guide for anyone starting up

“Celebrity Branding YOU has tons of tips and links that help guide any entrepreneur toward effective branding strategies. What is great about the book is that it is so easy and straight forward. I would recommend it for anyone who is involved in a business and wants some good pointers they may have missed in other books.”

Eric G. Lancaster, Tucson, AZ

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Rich Dad Poor Dad comes to life

“Celebrity Branding You is a must for any small business owner looking to grow their business. In their book Celebrity Branding You, Jack Dicks and Nick Nanton teach how anyone can become the best in their industry.

Celebrity Branding You takes the concepts from Rich Dad Poor Dad and gives clear and simple instructions to implement for any entrepreneur. If you are looking to grow your company or learn how to become an entrepreneur and you read only one book this year this should be it.”

Blake Harris

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One of the best books on branding yourself and your business!!

“This is truly one of the best books on branding yourself and your business on the market today.

In fact, the first words of the book are one of the most important rules of buiness, and one that is often most overlooked, people buy people. That is so true. People may not know how good your product is if they dont get to know you and build a relationship.

Jack and Nick also lay out exactly how to develop your celebrity image and how to gain credibility. No one else is giving this kind of helpful, detailed information. I have started using some of the tools described in the book and I can tell you it works.

Do yourself and your business a favor – buy this book, read it, and do the things they say!”

Paul Seago, Orlando, FL

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Buy and Invest in Yourself

“There is no doubt about it, if you implement the advise of Jack and Nick you will definitely stand out from your competition. Very captivating – a good read!”

Michael McDevitt

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The How-To on Branding YOU!

“This book is a blueprint on how to promote yourself, your brand and how to get more customers or clients from the get go. Informative, fun, easy to read, I love a book when I can feel the personality of the author(s). These guys have done a superb job and I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to create their own unique brand. Kudos gentlemen!!”

CookbookFreak, Seattle, WA

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“Celebrity Branding You provides wanna-be celebrities a comprehensive, tactical blueprint for establishing their unique brand in a very competitive marketplace. Each chapter is replete with techniques and specific resources for moving the process to a successful conclusion. As a professional sales trainer, speaker and consultant for 26 years, I recommend this book to anyone who aims to fast-track their celebrity branding goals.”

Gordie Allen, Leads-Plus, Inc

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Worth Its Weight in Pirates Gold

“The best and most comprehensive marketing book I have ever read. Applicable to any profession or industry. Detailed info on online marketing especially enlightening. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to outshine the competition and rise to the top in their field. A necessary read for those who want to not only survive but prosper in these tough economic times.”

Marianne Laudati, West Palm Beach, FL

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“Your book is absolutely AMAZING, i read 75% on the first night and stayed up till 9am in the morning reading before forcing myself to sleep.”

– Zalon (Solo Recording Artist & Touring Member of Amy Winehouse’s Band)

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“Celebrity Branding You lays down the exact blue print to get you above and beyond any competition. Times have changed and so has marketing and these guys nailed it!”

J. J. Ketterling

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“…if you already understand that you don’t have to be Bono or Oprah to benefit from being a celebrity in your own world or industry or community.

And if you DO want to be a celebrity on the scale of Bono or Oprah…this book will help too.

It tells you what to do, and how to do it…and now it’s time for you to get out there and do it!”

Gregg Stebben
Isle of Palms, SC

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“J.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton have created the definitive guide to becoming the ‘go to’ expert in your field in Celebrity Branding You. They’ve not only explained the logic behind branding yourself, but they provide you with a comprehensive blueprint that will allow you to become a celebrity.

If you own a business, aspire to own a business or just want to be positioned as an expert – Celebrity Branding You is a must read.”

William Rigsby “Pat Rigsby”

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Jack and Nick, Your Book Is Terrific!

Jack and Nick,

Wow! I just finished reading your new book, Celebrity Branding YOU, and it’s simply great!

Your personalities, energy and ethics “jump off the page.”

The reader quickly learns celebrity branding isn’t an exercise in out-of-control egotism, but rather a practical and proven strategy for growth.

Tony and I are lucky to have found two legal and marketing mentors as terrific as you guys!

We’re determined to become your biggest Celebrity Branding Success Story ever… and help thousands of others along the way!

Thanks, from two raving fans!

Dan Liebrecht and Tony Dietsch
Clean Guru LLC

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“Helped me understand “Branding”

What’s cool about this book is that it helped to understand that you can “Brand” yourself however you want. You are in control of the image you send out there. By way of creating your online presence and how to create credibility indicators. I’m still going through it but, so far i’m very pleased!”

– Arel Moodie (New York)

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“What a great read!

I have only read the first few chapters and can already tell you that this is a GREAT read! I was fortunate enough to meet Nick at a networking event last week. Anyone who runs their own business should have a copy and should read it. I mean, really read it. Looking forward to becoming my very own celebrity brand!”

– Bernice Allen (Orlando, FL)

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“Support to grow a healthy business

Celebrity Branding You by Nick Nanton and JW Dicks explodes with information. The authors are lawyers by trade with over fifty years combined working experience.

I read this book in one day and was surprised how easy it was to read and more important it made sense. I understand why they started by saying “People buy People”; the concept applies to any business with products or services.

I liked how the chapters are laid out, it shows that the authors were thinking of the reader and made it easy to understand by starting at the beginning of the marketing process. Each chapter then takes you through the process step-by-step, with reliable resources they have used, and examples and case studies.

I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with their marketing plan (or lacks a plan). If you learn what Dicks & Nanton are teaching in this book, soon you will become a Branded expert and clients or customers will find you because you stand out.”

– Beverly Ewan (Bronx, New York)

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Celebrity Branding You is a fabulous book. Not only is it an interesting read (I couldn’t put it down), but it makes so much sense. For myself, I know the only way to build my business as a Corporate Golf Professional and author of Your Inner Swing, is to get my name out there and “brand” myself in the corporate world. Because I’ve never had a plan for becoming the Guru in my business laid out so clearly in front of me, I’ve been floundering. You give precise methods and ways for someone like myself to get up and running like a pro. It’s brilliant!!


– Randy Friedman
Corporate Golf Professional
Author of Your Inner Swing

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Don’t just read this book – IMPLEMENT it!

Many entrepreneurs instinctively understand the value of becoming a celebrity to their target market but have no idea how they can systematically achieve that goal.

“Celebrity Branding You” provides a game plan that business owners can follow to build their expert celebrity status.

If becoming a client attraction magnet is your goal as a business owner, then do more than read the book with highlighter in hand. IMPLEMENT and see what becoming a celebrity to your niche market can do for your business!”

– Felicia Caldwell Gopaul

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“J.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton have touched on a topic that is often overlooked by most entrepreneurs. Celebrity Branding You provides you with a well-thought game plan on how you can become the celebrity expert in your niche.

First, the book provided an important reminder about the fact that “People Buy People.” Sometimes, we as business owners get wrapped up in the product or service that we’re marketing and lose sight of this fact.

Another section of the book that I found valuable was the idea of putting your story behind your brand. In other words, “Why Do You Do What You Do?” If the only answers that come up are “I am doing it for the money” or “Because this is what I’ve always done,” then you may need to rethink your whole motivation behind your particular business or find a business that has real meaning to you.

The authors then cover the ever-important topic regarding your website. They provided some excellent advice on branding your site and solidifying your celebrity status in your niche.

Finally, the authors provided the “Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast”
They provided some excellent strategies in this section.

All in all, I highly recommend that you not only get a copy of this book, but more importantly, take action on the ideas presented in it.

So what are you waiting for?


John Hinds, Orange, NJ

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Great advice for becoming a celebrity in your niche!

Celebrity Branding You is a no nonsense to the point resource for finding and creating your own celebrity brand. It’s full of both on-line and off-line strategies to make this process as easy as possible.

I just had the pleasure of hearing Nick Nanton speak to a group of entrepreneurs in New Jersey and I can tell you that he really gets it. All budding entrepreneurs should read this book and get a jump start on their competition.

Mark J. Beck (Long Valley, NJ)

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The Shortcut To Becoming A Rock Star In Your Niche!

We live in a celebrity crazy culture. Heck even the top 10 searches in Google are all about Paris and Britney. So it is fitting that JW Dicks and Nick Nanton have written an incredibly practical blueprint on how to make yourself famous and a celebrity brand in your industry and niche.

It is all here – from finding your niche, building a profitable website with a complete marketing plan, creating your personal brand and expert status, finding and promoting your story in both online and offline worlds.

I am implementing these strategies in my own consulting business right now in Michigan and I am already seeing major changes in the way my new clients are attracted to my personal brand.

Your clients want a celebrity. You need to become one. Buy this book. You will know how to do it step by step.

Mark Ijlal
Michigan Foreclosure Report

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“JW Dicks and Nick Nanton, in their book, reveal one of the true business secrets that pratically all entrepreneurs miss…which is to brand yourself. At Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle ( we have been teaching for years that you want to run a celebrity driven business and what’s more important is to make yourself the celebrity! In “CELEBRITY BRANDING YOU(tm)” they do a superb job of walking you through this invaluable process from A-Z. This is a must read for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Bill Glazer, President
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle ™

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Jack and Nick are the best in the business at turning entrepreneurs and business people into celebrities and this book lays out a step-by-step plan in a clear and informative way. Throughout the past few years Jack and Nick have helped me identify a lot of the things in business that I may have overlooked being such a young entrepreneur. Their words and advice have now been expressed in writing for the entire world to hear. I highly recommend this book to anybody interested in becoming known as a taste-making business owner, artist or entrepreneur.

Alex K. Tchekmeian, CEO, Akt Enterprises
Named to BusinessWeek’s list of America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs of 2007

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“Jack and Nick have laid out a plan here that anyone can follow and get truly groundbreaking results. If you’re looking for a way to leverage the most unique asset you have, YOU, then you can’t afford not to read this book. From working with Jack and Nick, I’ve seen first-hand how these strategies are growing my business, and I know you will too.”

Chris Hurn, President/CEO, Mercantile Commercial Capital™
Named to the 2007 Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies

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Too many business owners are shy about promoting themselves as a celebrity. The more I study business, the more I understand that business success depends on your ability and willingness to portray yourself as a celebrity. This book provides a great roadmap for anyone to get started portraying themselves as a celebrity and attracting more customers to themselves.

Robert Skrob
Business Profits Radio

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